Best Website Templates for Personal Portfolio Websites

ryan resume template

As a talented freelancer, professional or influencer, you stand to benefit immensely from a gorgeous yet highly functional personal portfolio website. Having the right site for your work can make all the difference in gaining a strong lead against your competitors.

Here are personal portfolio website templates that you can use to create a site that both you and your users will love.


leader personal business influencer HTML5 template

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This Bootstrap template is among the most recent personal website templates created primarily for creative individuals such as freelancers and influencers. It’s perfect for an online resume or portfolio as it’s fully responsive. With it, you can display your work beautifully, be it on computers or mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Besides allowing for personal portfolios and resumes, Leader lets you easily adjust your website to fit all your other needs thanks to the straightforward, smooth and clean of the template.

Among the excellent assets and features available with this template are its unique design, smooth navy menu scroll, multiple carousels, website loading animation, .scss file for easy customization, and Ajax contact form based on PHP.


Rubik Presentation Page Image

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Rubik is a feature-packed template by Creative Tim that comes with a powerful Page Builder as well as six months of support. When you purchase this portfolio template, you get a fresh personal portfolio website with numerous layouts and free lifetime updates.

As a professional or freelancer, you get access to a large arsenal of time- and money-saving backend tools such as 47 Handcrafted Components, 5 Customized Plugins, 4 Example Pages. The expandable Mega Menu allows you to create a structure that fits your needs.

You can also boost and manage your social media presence using the included automatic social media counters. Designed with CSS3 and HTML5, this template’s features—including special effects and animations—are purposeful and sophisticated.


girly free html5 bootstrap template

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As a creative, you certainly want all your masterpieces to bear your thumbprint. The same vision fuels Girly, a personal portfolio template created for professionals who are in search of perfection but who aren’t interested in interfaces that are too complex.

Whether you want a sophisticated website, a vogueish portfolio, or a minimalist gallery, Girly has a variety of demos to help you make your personal style and concept a reality.

Other core features that come with this Bootstrap 4 template are google map integration, multiple carousels, six preset color styles (premium only), documentation (premium only), and .scss file for easy customization (premium only).

Moreover, you get access to a premium customer support team with technical knowledge to help you in case issues arise. This highly intuitive, breathtaking and outstanding web portfolio design gives you the opportunity to start taking steps towards becoming a top-tier professional in your niche.


fox - Free one page gyms & fitness bootstrap4 Template

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Fox is a solid option if you’re looking for a personal portfolio Bootstrap-based website to grow your web presence. Among the features behind the popularity of this personal website template is its user interface, which is simple yet flexible.

In simple terms, any professional can take full advantage of the benefits of Fox even without having years of experience under their belt. The highly customizable architecture of the template allows you to effortlessly make tweaks to fit your unique needs.

Freelancers in more or less any niche will find Fox beneficial if they need an effective and efficient website. Some of the incredible benefits you access when you purchase this template include parallax background effect, unique design, smooth transition effects upon scrolling, and google fonts.

Premium features and benefits include fully functional Ajax contact form, four preset color styles, documentation, .scss file for easy customization, and premium support.


solonick resume template

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The Solonick personal portfolio template is worth considering if you’re in search of a unique option. This remarkable tool will pique both your curiosity and that of your prospective clients. Solonick has a fresh, stylish web design featuring all the elements needed to ensure your website is live in no time.

Furthermore, the portfolio template can serve professionals and freelancers in all niches, including architecture, photography, and design among others. The ready-to-use, predesigned features available with Solonick include nine single portfolio pages, eight portfolios, and eight amazing indexes.

Additionally, the template is retina-ready, responsive and compatible with all major browsers for a seamless browsing experience. Add to that the included subscription form, video support, and Twitter and Instagram feeds, and there’s no reason your website will not be a winner.


Honest: HTML5 template for online agencies

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To a dedicated artist, all his or her creations are invaluable. If you’re a freelancer who loves to not only showcase your talent but also to fully monetize it, Honest is the perfect Bootstrap website template to open up for you a flood of opportunities.

Honest allows you to be an all-in-one designer, letting you do everything from managing your website, uploading your best content, and putting your brand in front of a large online audience. All this without years of experience as a webmaster.

Once you take the dive with this super responsive Bootstrap template, you’ll have access to a variety of features and benefits, including parallax background effect, unique design, smooth transition effects upon scrolling and google fonts.

Get new lead and manage your customer base using the template’s fully functional Ajax contact form (PHP) and ajax MailChimp subscription form (PHP). Other features include number counter smooth animation, six preset color styles, documentation, and .scss file for easy customization.


elvish personal website template

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This personal website helps you advance your career by continually pushing yourself and pulling in new clients. Even though the template is most suitable for freelancers, web studios and creative agencies can also benefit from its robust assets and impactful web design.

Based on Bootstrap, Elvish offers complete browser compatibility and responsiveness. With this template, you can be sure that your website always displays clean, smooth content regardless of your visitors’ location.

Among the features available with Elvish are seventeen alluring and trendy home designs. You can choose from a wide variety of special effects or go for a simpler, more solid design. Whatever your vision for your web space, this template helps you bring it to fruition and boldly pushes your talent to the market.


photogenic free html5 portfolio template

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Thanks to Photogenic, your vision can materialize. This personal website template is for creative individuals such as freelancers, photographers, illustrators, designers, companies, and digital service agencies.

Photogenic provides a fantastic that will make a powerful impression on your clients. With this template, you can create an interactive website that feels alive, as opposed to having a static page. Furthermore, you always have the option of upgrading the design to match your evolving style and functional needs.

Photogenic lets you add a personalized touch that your audience will find engaging. With this design, you present your creations or showcase your services in the best possible light. This template is built using the latest web development technology, including jQuery, Isotope, Owl Carousel, Sass, CSS3, and HTML5. Go ahead and try out Photogenic today.


visio photography website template

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Visio is a wonderful option whether you work as an individual or run an agency. This personal portfolio website template allows you to showcase your creativity in a few scrolls. With only minimal effort, visitors on your site can learn all they need to know about you.

Visio is also mobile-ready, meaning all your content will look great whether a user views it on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Among the main features you get with this one-page Bootstrap 4 template are a vertical menu, parallax background images, carousels, sliders, and animations.


Itsy (free full-featured HTML5 template)

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Designed using vanilla CSS, Itsy is a sleek and gorgeous HTML5 template. Features available include sticky posts, a sizable homepage hero page, dropdown menu, image sliders, beautiful fonts, minimal design, lovely search and share overlays, and an attractive mobile interface. The premium version comes with SASS files and documentation as well as a functional AJAX contact form. It’s also available in WordPress.


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Profile is the perfect website template to keep your clients and business partners interested and intrigued by your creations. This one-page template is a testament to the modern minimalist design philosophy. It’s ideal for resume, personal and v-card websites.

Profile is a practical asset that bolsters your brand and improves its overall appearance. It beings the latest version of Bootstrap to the table. You don’t need to have years of experience as a webmaster to operate Profile as it’s created to be highly intuitive. As a result, you can have a stunning yet functional professional page up and running in no time.


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Black is among the templates that help professionals make their visions come to fruition, be they writers, photographers, illustrators, designers or digital service agencies. With this design, you can be sure to impress your clients as it enables you to build an interactive, lively site. Moreover, as your business continues to evolve, you can make upgrades to the sites to make it fit to your growing needs.

This Bootstrap template allows you to develop a personalized touch that inspires engagement among members of your target audience. By giving you’re the tools needed to showcase your brand and the services you have to offer in a powerful way, Black lets you achieve the maximum promotional value of targeting online audiences.


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You want a platform through which you can fully express yourself. If that’s what you’re going for, Paper is the ideal website template for you. It offers a light and unique web design. The template’s aesthetics will trigger the curiosity of visitors to your site.

With the distinct features that come with the template, you’ll be able to present yourself as a professional that takes their work seriously. Paper is built using the latest technology for web development, including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and SASS.


ryan resume template

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This is the perfect personal website template you need if you’re in search of something gorgeous, modern and creative. Ryan is a single-page personal portfolio tool that offers five high-quality options for a home banner and twenty color scheme options. It’s easy to tailor this template to your needs because the page canvas is flexible and customizable.

Furthermore, you’ll never experience compatibility or interface problems because the designers built the portfolio template using modern technology like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap 4. This well-documented and well-commented template is highly intuitive. Overall, it makes presenting your idea, business or yourself online extremely easy.


Singular Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template for Personal Portfolio Websites

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Singular is a personal portfolio website template that offers an interesting platform that will intrigue visitors to your site. The design of this template’s one-page portfolio layout expresses contemporary minimalism. Singular has a number of practical assets aimed at improving your brand appeal and appearance.

As a professional, you can take full advantage of all the features that come with this Bootstrap template without necessarily having years of experience as a webmaster. You can rest easy knowing that your website template is compatible across multiple browsers and platforms.


Story Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template for Personal Blog Websites

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The primary conceptual tools that humans use to understand reality are stories. Everybody loves a good story, and your visitors will also love your site when you use the Story template. Use this well-designed template to masterfully craft your site and give all your current and potential customers a chance to quickly peruse through your work.

With this story, visitors on your site can see your creations without having to go back and forth from one webpage to another. Modern internet users appreciate the convenience of a concise overview of important content displayed in an easy-to-understand way on one page.


Simple Free Website Template Using Bootstrap

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If you’ve been looking to create a website for your freelancing business for a while now, Simple is one of the best website templates to get you started. However, that is not to say that the benefits of this template are limited to beginners.

Both experts and novices favor Simple because of its top quality features and the ease with which you can manage files on your site. Simple is perfect for creative individuals such as graphic designers, photographers, and digital marketers among other professionals that wish to gain traction in their creative space.

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