12 Essential Tools and Resources for Web Designers in 2018

The landscape of web design is changing and evolving every year; therefore, it’s important for designers to keep up with the latest design trends and emerging technologies. On top of staying creative, designers need to be able to use the latest tools and software to help them stay ahead. For many designers, it’s often a […]

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Finding the Images Your Themes Demand

royalty free photos

You sell a website by showing someone a theme and when it’s done your client is confounded because the images in the theme demo are not included. As experts, we take for granted that images in theme demo screenshots need to be bought separately on most occasions, but a client may have chosen a theme […]

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Can WordPress Sites Benefit from Cloud Hosting?

Wordpress cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is an increasingly popular option for hosting WordPress websites. It’s not surprising because it comes with many advantages. Get to know what these advantages are and find out whether or not they are applicable to the WordPress sites you own or manage. High Availability and Reliability Cloud hosting guarantees high availability or uptime […]

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55+ Best Free Social Media Icons Sets 2017

Best Free Social Icons 2017

Now, you may be wondering what social media icons are and why exactly you need them, correct? Well, to put it into layman’s terms for you, free social media icons are extremely high-quality visuals that feature a logo to represent a specific social media platform, and will allow you to give your site a more […]

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20 Best WooCommerce Themes 2017

With the continuous boost of eCommerce industry, vast WooCommerce themes also emerge massively. WooCommerce can create a powerful eCommerce store not to mention the professional design it brings and high customization. Aside from that, WooCommerce also comes with a wide variety of analytic tools to help you manage your online store effectively. This collection of 20 Best WooCommerce Themes 2017 will help you find which theme is applicable for your eCommerce business. […]

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