5. DesignRush


This website is a great resource for any designer looking to find inspiration for, e.g. the best logo designs, or information on the latest design trends. Here, designers can gain insight into countless fresh design styles, or even discover some of the most prominent digital and web development agencies and so much more.

Designers can learn about all aspects of design including website design, logo design, print design, app design, package design and videography design. In addition to this design resource, users can get the latest and most important marketing and business tips as well.Fonts are more than just letters and characters, picking the right font for your project can help to create visual identity as well as enhance your design. FontFace Ninja extension lets you inspect, try, buy and bookmark any fonts on any website. You can easily hover over any fonts to inspect it.

The features are simple yet useful for many designers. In addition, you can also get other information relating to spacing, line height, size and more.Pexels is not just another free stock photography site, it’s easy to use and has high quality images all in one place. Posts that include images often receive 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. You can discover photographers as well as search for free images.

Additionally, you can also enter photo challenges where the theme range from everyday people to office space. Whatever mood you are in, you can certainly find an image to convey that emotion on pexels.

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